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Kim is an intuitive clarity coach

incorporating experiential knowledge, divine wisdom and formal education into her coaching. Her coaching helps people move toward a life of clarity, compassion, courage and conviction as she weaves spiritual and energetic concepts into daily living practices. Kim helps people move from the ‘shoulds’ that aren’t working in life toward a life filled with passion and purpose ~ from the inside out, rather than the outside in ~ from a place of scattered or rigid thoughts and ideas to a place in which mind, body and spirit are aligned. She helps people move from a place of indecision, worry, guilt and shame to a place of peace, acceptance, love and abundance.

  • I work with people who want to allow themselves to love their life ~ fully! AND… who are driven by the monkey mind and ‘shitty shouldsR

Working with Kim

In working with Kim, you will live a life with more clarity, compassion, courage and
conviction by…

  •  seeing more options
  • making decisions with ease
  • creating time for self care
  • letting go of the illusion of control
  • connecting with your inner guidance

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